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Hi Devs,

Microsoft is expanding the availability of the Dev Center (formerly App Hub) and you can check if your country is now available on Dev Center here.

If your country is listed you can now register your own developer account with Microsoft and if you follow the migration instructions below, Microsoft will reimburse your first year membership to Dev Center (only until September 17th 2012, so hurry up).  

Dev Center provides you access to additional features such as:

1.       Ability to submit unlimited ‘paid’ apps* and 100 ‘free’ apps directly

2.       Ability to unlock 3 devices

3.       Direct access to downloads, royalty, and crash reports

4.       Ability to update account data

5.       Country/region specific pricing

6.       New reporting views

7.       Simplified process for submitting apps

8.       Submit apps to almost two hundred countries/regions

9.       Can now have 10,000 beta testers

10.    View all reviews in one place

We want to ensure your migration of your registration and applications to Dev Center is as smooth as possible. To migrate, you will have to register on Dev Center using the same email address as the one you provided to Yalla Apps and provide a credit card number.   Please do NOT pay with PayPal as Microsoft cannot support reimbursement of fees paid for with PayPal.  You can begin publishing new apps* immediately.

In late October/mid November, Microsoft will migrate the apps you have published today through Yalla to your new account (you will have to fill a special form as outlined in the migration instructions).   If you want to republish apps immediately, you can ask Yalla Apps to unpublish your apps (please login to your dashboard to unpublish your app as usual) and you can republish via your own account; however, you will lose ratings and reviews and the ability to update the app for your existing users.


Please note that the free 1 year of Dev Center registration offer is available only between August 7, 2012 and September 7, 2012. During this time you will still have access to your Yalla account if you decide to migrate.

Also, note that by agreeing to create an account on Dev Center, we will move the apps you have published today with Yalla Apps to your new Dev Center Account. This means that you will:

1.       Have access to all of yours apps in Dev Center.

2.       Retain your existing app users for updates

3.       Retain reviews for your apps.

4.       Retain star ratings.


Once again, we would like to ensure that your process of migration to Microsoft Dev Center is as smooth as possible, and that you enjoy the additional features by being a registered member of Dev Center. For any questions about this message, please contact support@yallaapps.com.

Hi devs!

 We have noticed some confusion regarding the Publisher GUID on the account migration form.

 The account migration form is the first form that you need to fill out so that Yalla Apps can migrate your account to the Dev Center. On the form, we have asked for ‘App Hub Dev ID (Publisher GUID)’ – this ID can be seen on Dev Center site > Dashboard > Account > Account Summary.


Please take a look at the image below:

On the left, there is the account migration form that you need to fill out. On the right, you can see the DevCenter site on the account summary page. The green highlighted boxes are the content that you need to match and fill. The Publisher GUID is a 32 character long alphanumeric ID, like this: 7619ff34-5372-4b91-a9d0-ac4b6b974165


For everyone who has submitted this wrongly, please submit the form again with the correct GUID.






Who said there is no free lunch?


During the month of June we have some very exciting offers lined up. Yalla Apps has partnered with inneractive, the industry’s leading mobile app monetization exchange with over 100 ad providers integrated and available in a one line SDK.

This means, you can now earn cash from your free apps by simply integrating the inneractive SDK. It only takes one line of code and your app can start generating revenue.


To make this offer even more exciting, inneractive is giving you a $100 app discovery package for free. This means we will promote your app to consumers and increase your downloads and installs.

Click here to sign up for inneractive and start monetizing your app.


We’d say that’s better than free lunch, but we got more.

Every developer who signs up for an annual Yalla Apps subscription in the month of June gets 50% off 🙂

Tweet and Win! Yalla Apps Birthday Special

It’s our Birthday and we are celebrating it with you! We are giving away a brand new Windows Phone to one lucky Yalla Apps developer! All you have to do is to follow us on Twitter and tell us why you love to develop for Windows Phone.

Simply send us your tweet i love developing for windows phone because <> #happybdayyallaapps’ @yallaapps @wp7mea and enter the race. The most interesting tweet to catch our eye will win a Windows Phone!

Remember, the more your tweet is retweeted more you have more chances of winning – so get tweeting and keep tweeting! 😉



Terms: Competition starts at the 8th of March and ends 12th of March 2012. You need to be living in one of our MEA focus countries.

Windows Phone has been growing steadily since its launch in late 2010. The OS has great features and is capable of being among the top 3 players of the smartphone business.

There are already some really good and well-designed apps on the Marketplace. Every developer wants to make a unique app which is different from the others, yet very useful and attractive to get many downloads hits on the Marketplace. Design of your app plays a vital role in the download of your app. Surely, each one of you has a plan on how to go about the designing of your app so as to make it as user-friendly and dynamic looking as possible.

While designing, creating Windows Phone Mock Ups or Prototyping is an important step in designing your WP7 app. Mock ups or Prototypes help you in deciding on the appearance, navigation, task flows, and custom controls for your app.

Developers might also want to just create wireframes to pitch for an app development proposal – this again requires you to create Windows Phone Mock-ups to showcase your idea to the clients/others.

There could be many more reasons for developers to want to create mock-ups for their apps.

Yalla Apps has found some Windows Phone 7 Mockup and Wire framing resources that might help our developer/designer community. These are excellent collections of prototyping, sketching and mockup tools for your Windows Phone.

We hope our designers cum developers find these useful 🙂

You can also simply Bing ‘windows phone 7 mockups/prototyping’ or ‘wireframe resources/software/tool’ – the results are just too many!

Hello devs..
We would like to inform our developer community that the Yalla Apps Site maintenance will be held on Tuesday, 21st of Feb 6PM GMT+4
Yalla Apps website will be undergoing emergency maintenance and will be unavailable tomorrow (Tuesday) from 6:00pm to 12 midnight GMT+4 (Dubai time)
 This means users will not have access to the site, their dashboard or app submission or device unlock during this period.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to anyone due to this. We are working towards making the site better and hope this update will produce better results. We would also like to request our developers to forward this to all their friends/colleagues and inform them about the site being unavailable tomorrow.
Thank you.

During the month of December the application submissions on Yalla Apps have tripled compared to previous months. Over 950 new applications have been submitted in just one month.

While this is great news and shows that our community is growing by far more than just a steady rate, we know that this has led to delays for some developers.

The main reasons for delays were

1)      App Hub was not fully operating from December 23rd to January 1st and no certification feedback was provided to Yalla Apps, thus to our developers. Keeping in mind that therefore apps submitted up to the 3rd week of December may have been affected.

2)      On top of the 500 new app submissions, we received close to 100 spam apps which we had to filter out.

3)      We received numerous copyright infringement complaints which required us to remove applications from the marketplace when and as required.

4)      The Microsoft App Hub website being very unresponsive and at times not allowing us to access the service added to the problems.

The way we reacted to this situation was by adding 3 more resources to our team in order to keep the service as stable as possible.

Yalla Apps is a community for developers and while some individuals were experiencing delays during the last 2 weeks we are working as fast as we can to keep the service quality up to standard for everyone.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and wishing you a Happy New Year!


PS: Don’t forget to read the 7 quick checks to pass Microsoft’s Certification requirements if you are submitting a new app, this can help to speed up your certification process.


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  • Yalla Apps Support: Hi Fred, We have got update from DevCenter that the app migration will be done by the end of November. Thank you, Yalla Apps Support
  • Fred Diaz: Do you know if Microsoft already start migrating apps?
  • Javier: I can't update my application in YA... it says: Dear Developer, this service is currently unavailable as Dev Center has now open its doors in most

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