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Yalla Apps launches exciting new services and benefits

Posted on: April 27, 2011

Yalla Apps, the platform that is now trusted by thousands of developers to publish their Apps into the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, is now making its services even more convenient to the developer community.

Yalla launches improved services

The enhancements include:

– Paid Apps support, which will allow developers to submit their Paid Apps and generate revenues from their sales in the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace.

– Addition of an alternative method of payment via MoneyBookers, which will now allow developers from countries like Pakistan and Egypt among others to sign up for the service, pay for a subscription and generate revenue from their App sales.

– More convenient charge structure, which will allow developers to submit many more Apps – Free or Paid – with their annual subscription. The new charge structure would allow the user to enjoy unlimited Paid App submissions, as many as 100 Free App submissions and a Free device unlock, for only 100 credits, which are automatically awarded to every Annual Subscription, priced at $99.

The new charge structure is shown below:

Paid App Submission or Re-submission: 0 Credits
Free App Submission or Re-submission: 1 Credit
Device unlock: 0 Credits for the first device, 50 credits for additional devices.

These enhancements support Yalla Apps’ long term goal of making App development accessible to every developer in the region and accelerating App development for Windows Phone 7.

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