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7 Quick tips to make your WP7 App pass Microsoft’s Certification

Posted on: July 31, 2011

How many of you have come across this line ‘Your app has failed Microsoft’s Certification’? Quite a few?

Well, then let us make all your lives easier and save you from being charged that extra 1 credit through a few simple steps.

7 quick checks to pass Microsoft’s Certification requirements:

  1. The app list icons ( large mobile app icon, small mobile app icon, large PC app icon and background icon) that you submit should be the same icons when installed on the device also.
  2. The app list icons and ‘pin-to-start’ icon should not be default/generalized Windows Phone icons: they should be your personalized icons. Note that the app icons need to be of the required dimensions and should be in non-transparent PNG format.
  3. The app’s screenshots that you submit should not include any part of the emulator – only the app content should be seen clearly. Note that the screenshots need to be of the required dimensions and should be in non-transparent PNG format. Also know that graphically enhanced screenshots are not accepted.
  4. The app should not reach a state where on pressing the device’s ‘back’ button, the app does not exit. Note that the ‘Back’ button of the device must only be used for backward navigation in the app. Make sure that on pressing ‘Back’ button on the device, the app returns to the previous page of the app. If it is the first screen of the app, then on pressing the ‘Back’ button, the app should close.
  5. If the content of your app supports any language other than English, make sure to mention the language(s) in the detailed description. Also write the detailed description, featured description (if any) and keywords in English and the other supported language(s).
    5 out of every 10 submissions do not follow this – a good amount of apps are in localized languages.
  6. Make sure that all the content/elements of your app are visible and legible no matter what the theme of the phone is set to. For instance, if the theme is changed from light to the dark, the text and other elements must be easily seen and readable.
  7. ADDED on July 2011: Your App will fail certification if a Neutral Language is not set. For more information on how to localize your application and how to set a Neutral Language, see: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff637520(v=VS.92).aspx

For more details on the submission/certification requirements and errors – please visit the sections ‘Application Submission Requirements’ and ‘Technical Certification Requirements’ at following link:


We are sure that this will reduce the time you need to get your Apps up there to the Marketplace and avoid you a couple of days of waiting for your test reports to come.

Keep sending your Apps!

Yalla Apps.


11 Responses to "7 Quick tips to make your WP7 App pass Microsoft’s Certification"

I think the app tile icon info maybe misleading. The artwork assets must not be transparent but the actual Tile icon used in the application *can* be.

@pauliom –

Thank you for pointing this out.

There seems to be a likely confusion on this point.
The rule 4.5 Windows Phone Marketplace Iconogrpahy in the Application Submission Requirements (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh184844(v=VS.92).aspx) says that all images/icons (irrespective of their use on mobile/pc) should be of non-transparent PNG format.

However, we have contacted App Hub regarding this confusion to ensure if there is any exception related to the Mobile icons.

We shall soon get back to you with an answer.

Thank you.
Yalla Apps

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Hey guys ..

So we have an answer to the confusion about the submission of app tiles/icons –
all artwork submitted – large mobile app icon, small mobile app icon, large pc app icon, background icon CANNOT have a transparent background.

Also, we found another similar article that can help you in passing the ceritification. Check it out : http://geeks.netindonesia.net/blogs/zeddy/archive/2011/01/28/wp7-how-to-speed-up-application-certification-process.aspx

– Yalla Apps Support

Hey guys,

We have been notified by AppHub that many of our submissions are still using transparent icons.

As explained before there was a confusion about this earlier, however it is now confirmed that transparent icons will not be allowed.

Kindly make sure that the application icons that you submit are NOT transparent.

Thank you!

Yalla Apps

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In this post, they says that tile can be transparent. can you please confirm with validity of this?



App Icons need to be non-transparent PNG format only.
Transparent icons submitted will be failed by the Windows Phone Certification Team. We have apps failed on this point.
The reason they are not allowed is because the transparent icons do not display properly on the Metro style.

You can however use the Theme Resources of the Windows Phone and place a background for your icon which would be customed to change by the theme color – this way you can achieve the same metro style for your app icons.



App Icons need to be non-transparent PNG format only.
Transparent icons submitted will be failed by the Windows Phone Certification Team.

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