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Test an App on your device even if not unlocked – Private Beta Distribution

Posted on: September 4, 2011

NEW! Private Beta Distribution

You can now let anyone test your App on a device, with Private Beta Testing Distribution service. This service is a great alternative to device unlocks and can be used without any additional fees!

How to use it?

This service is simply an additional option when you submit an App to Yalla Apps. With this option, you can submit any App as usual and instead of being published, it will enter ‘Beta Testing’ period, in which all your testers can review the App on their phones.

To submit an App with the ‘Beta Testing’ mode, simply indicate up to 100 testers’ Live email IDs on the ‘Testing Notes’ box during the App Submission process. You will receive a testing link for your testers to install the App on their phones while it’s under the Beta Testing period.

When you are done with testing, simply re-submit your App without the tester emails and we will end the Beta Testing period so you can re-submit or publish it. Please note that your App cannot be plublished during the Beta Testing period. The testing application will automatically expire in 90 days.

You will be charged for each Beta Testing submission or re-submission as per the standard amount of credits for App submission or App re-submission.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact support@yallaapps.com!

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[…] Desbloquea el dispositivo de prueba y publica versiones Beta. Yallaapps ofrece un servicio de desbloqueo para probar aplicaciones en los dispositivos. El primer dispositivo es desbloqueado de forma gratuita, desbloquearlo nuevamente o un segundo dispositivo se cobra de 25 a 50 créditos. Ahora también puedes publicar tu aplicación en un modo de prueba por 90 días de la misma manera que se publicaría a la del mercado (aplican los cargos de publicación y re-publicación descritos en el paso 4), más información aquí http://blog.yallaapps.com/2011/09/04/test-an-app-on-your-device-even-if-not-unlocked-private-beta-di… […]

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