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AdDuplex campaign Re-launched!

Posted on: December 12, 2011

Thanks to the interest and support by you – Yalla Apps and AdDuplex have yet again teamed up in order to help developers advertise their Apps and eventually monetize them by using Ads.

Yes, dear devs – AdDuplex campaign has been re-launched just for you!


AdDuplex is an ad exchange network specifically targeted at Windows Phone apps and games. It helps WP7 developers and publishers promote their apps by helping each other.


Simply follow the same steps – include the AdDuplex ads in your App and submit it to Yalla Apps before February 29, 2012. You will then automatically get a voucher for your ad to display 20,000 times on the AdDuplex advertising network. This voucher is worth $30 or more!

To add your AdDuplex ad control for Silverlight or XNA, you must register to AdDuplex here http://www.adduplex.com/

To redeem your voucher, simply submit your AdDuplex-enabled App to Yalla Apps, and email us on support@yallaapps.com to request it.


Submit your App now!



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What about the existing apps that using adduplex?

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