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App Submission Load Tripled

Posted on: January 3, 2012

During the month of December the application submissions on Yalla Apps have tripled compared to previous months. Over 950 new applications have been submitted in just one month.

While this is great news and shows that our community is growing by far more than just a steady rate, we know that this has led to delays for some developers.

The main reasons for delays were

1)      App Hub was not fully operating from December 23rd to January 1st and no certification feedback was provided to Yalla Apps, thus to our developers. Keeping in mind that therefore apps submitted up to the 3rd week of December may have been affected.

2)      On top of the 500 new app submissions, we received close to 100 spam apps which we had to filter out.

3)      We received numerous copyright infringement complaints which required us to remove applications from the marketplace when and as required.

4)      The Microsoft App Hub website being very unresponsive and at times not allowing us to access the service added to the problems.

The way we reacted to this situation was by adding 3 more resources to our team in order to keep the service as stable as possible.

Yalla Apps is a community for developers and while some individuals were experiencing delays during the last 2 weeks we are working as fast as we can to keep the service quality up to standard for everyone.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused and wishing you a Happy New Year!


PS: Don’t forget to read the 7 quick checks to pass Microsoft’s Certification requirements if you are submitting a new app, this can help to speed up your certification process.


1 Response to "App Submission Load Tripled"

[…] 10 days after our submission we got our Marketplace certification test results back from our GPP that acts like a proxy to AppHub for our region. Apparently there has been issues with delays at Yalla Apps’ end with holidays as detailed out in their blog post. […]

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