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What is Publisher GUID?

Posted on: September 10, 2012

Hi devs!

 We have noticed some confusion regarding the Publisher GUID on the account migration form.

 The account migration form is the first form that you need to fill out so that Yalla Apps can migrate your account to the Dev Center. On the form, we have asked for ‘App Hub Dev ID (Publisher GUID)’ – this ID can be seen on Dev Center site > Dashboard > Account > Account Summary.


Please take a look at the image below:

On the left, there is the account migration form that you need to fill out. On the right, you can see the DevCenter site on the account summary page. The green highlighted boxes are the content that you need to match and fill. The Publisher GUID is a 32 character long alphanumeric ID, like this: 7619ff34-5372-4b91-a9d0-ac4b6b974165


For everyone who has submitted this wrongly, please submit the form again with the correct GUID.






4 Responses to "What is Publisher GUID?"

Which is why, as I’ve suggested before in an email to your support. It’d be great if we got some sort of response on wheter you’ve received our form properly or not?

Without something like this, wouldn’t ppl just start feeling paranoid and double submitting again?


In each form, we have mentioned below each field what it is for and what is required to fill in to avoid confusion. Please understand that it is not practical to check every form submitted. For any doubts or queries in the form – please contact support@yallaapps.com. Our support team will help you out.


Hi, two questions… when is the deadline for submiting the form? and how can i know if my form was wrong or correctly submited? Thank you very much, sorry for all the questions, but, i’m really worried for my aplication to be succesfully migrated, i don’t want to lose the id now that im having better download rates. Thanks!


The deadline is September 17, 2012.
In each form, we have clearly labelled what each field stands for and what you need to fill in it. If you have confusions please send an email to support@yallaapps.com
Once you receive a message ‘You form is successfully submitted.’ – we have received you form. Your apps will be migrated as mentioned in the blog post in October/November migration.


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