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Hi Devs,

Microsoft is expanding the availability of the Dev Center (formerly App Hub) and you can check if your country is now available on Dev Center here.

If your country is listed you can now register your own developer account with Microsoft and if you follow the migration instructions below, Microsoft will reimburse your first year membership to Dev Center (only until September 17th 2012, so hurry up).  

Dev Center provides you access to additional features such as:

1.       Ability to submit unlimited ‘paid’ apps* and 100 ‘free’ apps directly

2.       Ability to unlock 3 devices

3.       Direct access to downloads, royalty, and crash reports

4.       Ability to update account data

5.       Country/region specific pricing

6.       New reporting views

7.       Simplified process for submitting apps

8.       Submit apps to almost two hundred countries/regions

9.       Can now have 10,000 beta testers

10.    View all reviews in one place

We want to ensure your migration of your registration and applications to Dev Center is as smooth as possible. To migrate, you will have to register on Dev Center using the same email address as the one you provided to Yalla Apps and provide a credit card number.   Please do NOT pay with PayPal as Microsoft cannot support reimbursement of fees paid for with PayPal.  You can begin publishing new apps* immediately.

In late October/mid November, Microsoft will migrate the apps you have published today through Yalla to your new account (you will have to fill a special form as outlined in the migration instructions).   If you want to republish apps immediately, you can ask Yalla Apps to unpublish your apps (please login to your dashboard to unpublish your app as usual) and you can republish via your own account; however, you will lose ratings and reviews and the ability to update the app for your existing users.


Please note that the free 1 year of Dev Center registration offer is available only between August 7, 2012 and September 7, 2012. During this time you will still have access to your Yalla account if you decide to migrate.

Also, note that by agreeing to create an account on Dev Center, we will move the apps you have published today with Yalla Apps to your new Dev Center Account. This means that you will:

1.       Have access to all of yours apps in Dev Center.

2.       Retain your existing app users for updates

3.       Retain reviews for your apps.

4.       Retain star ratings.


Once again, we would like to ensure that your process of migration to Microsoft Dev Center is as smooth as possible, and that you enjoy the additional features by being a registered member of Dev Center. For any questions about this message, please contact support@yallaapps.com.

Hello devs..
We would like to inform our developer community that the Yalla Apps Site maintenance will be held on Tuesday, 21st of Feb 6PM GMT+4
Yalla Apps website will be undergoing emergency maintenance and will be unavailable tomorrow (Tuesday) from 6:00pm to 12 midnight GMT+4 (Dubai time)
 This means users will not have access to the site, their dashboard or app submission or device unlock during this period.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to anyone due to this. We are working towards making the site better and hope this update will produce better results. We would also like to request our developers to forward this to all their friends/colleagues and inform them about the site being unavailable tomorrow.
Thank you.

4 competitions, more prizes!

Yalla Apps is ending the year with 4 new app competitions. Get the chance to win one out of three Nokia Lumia 800 or the brand new Forza Motorsport 4 for Xbox 360!

Each developer can enter in one of the categories below:


Fastest Apper:

The developer who publishes the most apps until December 31st 2011 gets a brand new Windows Phone 7 Lumia 800.


·         The Applications must be distinct and of non-trivial utility value for the Application User.

·         Any “Spam” apps or close replicas of existing Windows Phone Applications are disqualified.

·         In the case of a tie between two developers the jury will chose the winner based on Originality, Creativity, and User Appeal of  the submitted applications.

·         Competition ends December 31st 2011


Port an App and WIN:

Developed an app already for another platform? Port your existing mobile application to Windows Phone 7 and get the chance to win a brand new Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone.


·         There is only one winner and the best app will be judged on Originality, Creativity and User Appeal.

·         Once your Windows Phone app is in the marketplace send email to support@yallaapps.com together with the marketplace link to your original application.

·         Competition ends December 31st 2011


Got Mango?:

Develop an app that uses the new Windows Phone 7.5 features and get the chance to win a Nokia Lumia 800 phone.


·         The submitted apps must use platform features that were introduced in the recent Mango update Windows Phone 7.5.

·         The best app will be judged based on Originality, Creativity and User Appeal

·         Once your windows phone is in the marketplace send email to support@yallaapps.com including details about your app, Mango features.

·         Competition ends December 31st 2011


Yalla App-a-thon Returns:

You said you want more! We give you more! The first 50 developers to publish an app until December 31st 2011 will automatically win the most-awaited game of the year: Forza Motorsport 4


Application must be certified and published into the Windows Phone Marketplace before December 31st 2011.



So, lets get started Yalla App-ers – there is a lot to Win and Loose 😉



General Competition Conditions

–          Participant must be a registered member on Yalla Apps
–          Participant must be a residing in the Middle East and Africa focus countries (link to http://www.yallaapps.com/faq#focus-countries). To see list of countries this competition is open to, click here
–          Participant’s app entry should meet all requirements specified in the checklist [link’s to checklist]. All entries must be submitted through Yalla Apps
–          Developers that participate in one or more category and win in more than one category will only be eligible for one prize only.
–          The prizes of the competition are 3 x Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone (Fastest Apper, Port an App and WIN, 7.5 App-it-up) and 50 x Forza Motorsport 4 for Xbox 360.

Hello YallaApp-ers …

Microsoft has come up with a special edition of the Tech Out event. It is called ‘Microsoft Tech Out – Race to The Seychelles’

One lucky developer will be winning a trip for two on the Emirates Airlines and also accommodation from February 12 – 15, 2012 to the
Mahe, Seychelles Islands!!!

The special edition Microsoft Tech Out will be on November 12, 2011 (Saturday) starting around in the afternoon. The event is broken down into three sessions:

14:00 – 15:30    –    Tips and Tricks for building apps on Windows Phone 7

(Level 100)

15:30 – 17:00     –    Advanced Skills in Windows Phone 7 App Development

(Level 300)

17:00 – 18:00     –    Microsoft Tech Out, Race to the Seychelles Competition


There is not just one winner – first 100 attendees will get a free 3-month registration token for Yalla Apps – Spread the word!

Register HERE to be a winner :)

On clicking the link please sign up at the site.
Once you have signed up, click the tab ‘My Tickets’ – select Microsoft TechOut event and follow screen instructions to sign up.
You will find the event details on this page as well.

Listen up Yalla Appers!

Since July 20, developers from 7 new countries (Chile,Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, South Africa and South Korea) can register and submit their apps to App Hub. If you are in one of these countries and registered with us – this is your chance to get 1 year FREE registration to AppHub.

You must migrate by the 15th of September in order to enjoy this fantastic offer.

With App Hub, you can enjoy features like:

– Update your account data at yourconvenience
– Submit unlimited ‘paid’ and100 ‘free’ apps
– Unlock up to 3 devices
– Get app downloads, royaltyand cash reports
– Contact the App Hub team for support

Please read the instructions at the link below to help you migrate to App Hub before the deadline:

Hurry up to get the free account with App Hub!

NEW! Private Beta Distribution

You can now let anyone test your App on a device, with Private Beta Testing Distribution service. This service is a great alternative to device unlocks and can be used without any additional fees!

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Hi Yalla App-ers!

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently added download statistics right on your dashboard.

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  • Yalla Apps Support: Hi Fred, We have got update from DevCenter that the app migration will be done by the end of November. Thank you, Yalla Apps Support
  • Fred Diaz: Do you know if Microsoft already start migrating apps?
  • Javier: I can't update my application in YA... it says: Dear Developer, this service is currently unavailable as Dev Center has now open its doors in most

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