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Windows Phone has been growing steadily since its launch in late 2010. The OS has great features and is capable of being among the top 3 players of the smartphone business.

There are already some really good and well-designed apps on the Marketplace. Every developer wants to make a unique app which is different from the others, yet very useful and attractive to get many downloads hits on the Marketplace. Design of your app plays a vital role in the download of your app. Surely, each one of you has a plan on how to go about the designing of your app so as to make it as user-friendly and dynamic looking as possible.

While designing, creating Windows Phone Mock Ups or Prototyping is an important step in designing your WP7 app. Mock ups or Prototypes help you in deciding on the appearance, navigation, task flows, and custom controls for your app.

Developers might also want to just create wireframes to pitch for an app development proposal – this again requires you to create Windows Phone Mock-ups to showcase your idea to the clients/others.

There could be many more reasons for developers to want to create mock-ups for their apps.

Yalla Apps has found some Windows Phone 7 Mockup and Wire framing resources that might help our developer/designer community. These are excellent collections of prototyping, sketching and mockup tools for your Windows Phone.

We hope our designers cum developers find these useful 🙂

You can also simply Bing ‘windows phone 7 mockups/prototyping’ or ‘wireframe resources/software/tool’ – the results are just too many!

NEW! Private Beta Distribution

You can now let anyone test your App on a device, with Private Beta Testing Distribution service. This service is a great alternative to device unlocks and can be used without any additional fees!

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Yalla Apps brings an exciting new competition: Create your own video tutorial about any of the new Mango features and enter the competition to win a Windows Phone 7! The winner will be decided by how many people like the tutorial on our Facebook page!

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How many of you have come across this line ‘Your app has failed Microsoft’s Certification’? Quite a few?

Well, then let us make all your lives easier and save you from being charged that extra 1 credit through a few simple steps.

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Hey Yalla App-ers!

We are pleased to offer you the ability to install the Beta version of the upcoming Mango OS update on your WP7 device.

This OS update will not be publicly available for a couple of months and will give you the advantage of experiencing before anyone else the numerous enhancements that it offers!

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What was your thought when you heard that there was a Windows Phone 7 coming up in the market? – Many thought it would not stand a chance, but WP7 has proved itself right and many wrong!

Windows Phone 7 Consumers are “Very Satisfied” with Microsoft’s new mobile OS. According to the ChangeWave Research 57% of the smartphone’s consumers are very happy with it.

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Great news for WP7 development and for Yalla Apps developers! There are 7 new developer countries officially launched by Microsoft on the App Hub and if you are in one of those countries, Microsoft has offered free registration to the App Hub for 1 year, as long as you follow the migration instructions correctly.

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Hi Yalla App-ers!

With the upcoming Mango update, you must be wondering how to take advantage of all those amazing features included in the update.

We’d like to give a quick start on that by showing you a detailed tutorial on how to use one of those great features: Reminders.

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Here’s a wakeup call for all you developers out there who have not boarded the WP7 wagon yet – C’mon get going. Create your app and leave the publishing to Yalla Apps! It is only a win-win deal with us: read on to find out why.

After doing some research, we found out that Windows Phone 7 will be the second most popular smartphone by 2015 (Bravo!) – don’t believe us?

Well then, read on …..

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  • Yalla Apps Support: Hi Fred, We have got update from DevCenter that the app migration will be done by the end of November. Thank you, Yalla Apps Support
  • Fred Diaz: Do you know if Microsoft already start migrating apps?
  • Javier: I can't update my application in YA... it says: Dear Developer, this service is currently unavailable as Dev Center has now open its doors in most

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